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Mission and Vision


Inspired by the life and work of Professor Stuart Hall, the Stuart Hall Foundation seeks to support new generations of creative thinkers and provoke original thinking, debate and research. The Foundation seeks to illuminate connections between politics, culture and society and challenge the status quo.


Our vision is to encourage, scholars, artists and researchers to build on Professor Stuart Hall’s legacy, transforming the political and cultural landscape by taking risks, working collaboratively, asking difficult questions and making global connections. The Stuart Hall Foundation builds on Professor Stuart Hall’s unique contribution to intellectual and cultural life in the UK and worldwide, in dynamic and distinctive ways.

Throughout his life, Professor Stuart Hall set things in motion, developed new areas of scholarship and research, established new organisations and entities and was a catalyst for a number of significant initiatives. These included the journals New Left Review and Soundings, the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies and the visual arts organisations Autograph ABP and Iniva (the Institute of International Visual Arts). Stuart played a leading role in the establishment of the award-winning arts building Rivington Place in east London, which houses Autograph ABP and, until 2018, was home to Iniva and the Stuart Hall Library.

Professor Stuart Hall was a committed friend, colleague, teacher, mentor, role model and champion of equality and diversity. To continue his life’s work, his family, friends and colleagues have established the Stuart Hall Foundation.

Inspired by Professor Stuart Hall’s approach, we are committed to supporting work that is collaborative, experimental and generous. We aim to support scholars and artists who take risks and are committed to thinking differently from the mainstream. 

We are developing work in partnership with institutions that had a close association with Professor Stuart Hall, to create platforms for new ideas, new insights and new ways of seeing and understanding the world.

Our programme of activities in the UK and abroad, produced both in-situ and virtually, will include: an annual programme of Stuart Hall Fellowships, a public programme of debates, talks and seminars, research, publications, exhibitions, and commissioned artworks and films.

Statement on inclusion and equalities

We are an inclusive organisation that counts anti-racism among our core values. We conduct our own equalities monitoring and aim to facilitate conversations about identity that involve people of all backgrounds. 

We are particularly interested in helping to support black and brown students, activists and artists. These groups are underrepresented in UK higher education and cultural institutions. We also encourage participation from members of other underrepresented groups.

Stuart Hall’s explorations of diasporic identity, and critiques of the discourses of race and racism, are among his most important work. They remain essential tools with which to combat the resurgence of nationalist and nativist movements today. In The Fateful Triangle (2017) he wrote that the distinction between closed and open versions of identity “has become, quite literally, the decisive political frontier of our times”.

Stuart Hall’s writings are multifaceted and the Foundation also supports scholars and projects that build on other aspects of his legacy for the future.