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Over many decades Professor Stuart Hall pursued a number of conversations with different generations of scholars, artists, writers and researchers in Britain, Jamaica, the US and across the globe.

The Stuart Hall Foundation is committed to continuing those unfinished conversations, initiating fresh dialogues and debates and creating opportunities in education and the arts.


Inspired by the life and work of Professor Stuart Hall, the Stuart Hall Foundation seeks to support new generations of creative thinkers and provoke original thinking, debate and research. The Foundation seeks to illuminate connections between politics, culture and society and challenge the status quo.


Our vision is to encourage scholars, artists and researchers to build on Professor Stuart Hall’s legacy, transforming the political and cultural landscape by taking risks, working collaboratively, asking difficult questions and making global connections.

Sat 8th Feb, 1 - 4.30pm, Conway ...
Stuart Hall Foundation Third Annual Public Conversation...
The Third Annual Stuart Hall Foundation Public Conversation takes place at London's Conway Hall, from 1pm - 4.30...
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