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Ruth Ramsden-Karelse

Ruth Ramsden-Karelse

DPhil Scholar  |  Merton College, Oxford University / TORCH  |  2017-2020

Ruth Ramsden-Karelse is a DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford who has a BA in English and Related Literature and an MA in Culture and Thought After 1945, both from The University of York. She is originally from South Africa and is primarily interested in drag performances as sites at which gender, sexuality, race and class intersect in their full contextual complexity. 

After gaining her MA, Ruth spent three years teaching English at a comprehensive secondary school in London, where she established student-led equality and diversity discussion and action groups and worked with a borough-wide anti-bullying steering group to promote student welfare. 

The inaugural Stuart Hall Doctoral Studentship, in association with Merton College, TORCH and the Stuart Hall Foundation, will support Ruth's DPhil project on drag performance in Cape Coloured communities since 1950. By considering the role drag plays in the construction of borders and in the transgression necessary to their constitution, Ruth's research aims to contribute to theories of the intersections of sexuality and gender with nationalisms. 

Ruth Ramsden-Karelse: "I feel extremely honoured to be the recipient of an award named after Stuart Hall, and to have support for my work from a group of people whose politics I admire. I am incredibly excited to get started and to join a network of scholars working to further Hall's legacy."

Ruth Ramsden-Karelse