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Marie Hasselberg

Marie Hasselberg

MA SCHOLAR  |  University of Sussex  |  2017-2018

Marie Hasselberg is currently studying towards a Master’s degree in Media Practice for Development and Social Change at the University of Sussex, where she focuses on the production of documentaries and critical perspectives on global development issues.

Her primary interests are environmental activism, consumerism, the power of media images on its recipients and the opportunities new technologies offer its users in relation to social change. For her dissertation she will be developing a documentary and an interactive website looking at how inconsiderate consumption of food, clothes or technical items in the Global North has effects on the environment and living conditions in the Global South.

Marie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science, Islamic Studies and Political Science from the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg in Germany. During her studies Marie focused on ethnicity, race and diversity, the role media plays in public opinion making and how diversity is displayed and perceived among the recipients. Her dissertation explored the representation of migrants in political talk shows on German television. 

Marie Hasselberg