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2 March 1981

Video installation and guided walk
Photo by Ting Ting Cheng

In her new project 2 March 1981 artist Ting Ting Cheng revisits the historical event - Black People's Day of Action in London 37 years ago- through interviews, walking and enacting. Through a video installation and guided walk Cheng invites you to use the map and the videos to walk the original route of the march from New Cross to Hyde Park.

On the morning of 18 January 1981, a fire from an unknown source took the lives of 13 young black people who were enjoying a birthday party on New Cross Road. It was the time when petrol bombs were commonly used for racist attacks against local West Indians. The careless attitudes from the authority and the smear campaign from the media angered the black community, which led to the birth of New Cross Massacre Committee, who organized one of the biggest marches against racism in UK at the time – Black People’s Day of Action on 2 March 1981. The march started from Fordham Park in New Cross, next to where the fire occurred, passed by Fleet Street where most of the newspapers’ offices were located, ended up at Speakers Corner at Hyde Park. It was an 8-hour march across 11 miles of streets. People who supported the cause came from all over the country. The organization estimated around 20,000 to 25,000 people attended the march.

Photo by Ting Ting Cheng