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Voices that Shake!

Voices that Shake! will deliver a multimedia performance showcase (musical oral history, storytelling, spoken word, film, soundscapes and visual collage) collaboratively devised between four artist facilitators from SHAKE!. The four artists of colour represent a broad mix of generational experience which will allow the commission to engage with and reflect the insight of younger generations alongside the experience of elders.

Dhelia Snoussi will use film to explore what it means to live in “the richest borough in the universe” Kensington and Chelsea, and in particular, document the significant sites of local history and spaces of community and connection, which are now under threat. This will include interviews from residents and local organisers at Save Wornington College and Save North Kensington Library for Public Use.

Sai Murray will hold a series of ‘reparations dialogues’ with key activists from the UK Reparations movement in order to broaden knowledge of the overall legacies of black and brown resistance in the UK. Interviews with figures such as Esther Stanford-Xosei and Kofi Mawuli Klu will be edited into a podcast format including ‘Reparations songs’ and soundscapes of the struggle.

Amina Gichinga will conduct interviews with the traditionally migrant black and brown communities that frequent the Hudson Bay pub in East London to acknowledge and celebrate their past and document their present day struggle. Working with Nawi Collective the recordings will be re-imagined as songs of resistance offering a springboard for intervention and solidarity.

Globe Poets will build upon their previous work on gentrification (Communal Concrete) to collectively produce a group poem that engages with issues of gentrification faced by their communities in the South East area of London/Elephant and Castle. 

About Voices that Shake!

Shake! is a project that brings together young people, artists & campaigners to develop creative responses to social injustice. Using a model of personal transformation and structural change, Shake! challenges established imbalanced power-bases and re-imagine new infrastructures in opposition to capitalism and colonialism.

Shake! build holistic decolonial educational programmes and creative campaigns to foster a catalytic and self-determined community of creative organisers/leaders embedded in and  led by the grassroots. Together they work towards and cultivate transformative justice, systemic change and community accountability.