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Eduardo Restrepo wins SHF Routledge Award

01 Nov 2019

The Stuart Hall Foundation / Routledge award, a collaboration between the Stuart Hall Foundation and the Routledge, Taylor & Francis journal Cultural Studies, seeks to recognize an article by an early career scholar that best captures, and/or makes the most significant contribution to, cultural studies as Stuart Hall envisioned it:

  • a rigorous intellectual investigation in the service of political struggle and transformation
  • that engages in a self–reflective conversation between theory and empirical realities 
  • that starts with the contingency of actually existing relations and structures to ask how they were made and whether and how they could be made differently
  • that accepts the complexity of any context or phenomenon, and refuses any form of reductionism
  • that thinks contextually about the contexts of lived realities
This year's winner of the award is Eduardo Restrepo for "Talks and disputes of racism in Colombia after multiculturalism", published in Cultural Studies 32.3 (July 2018).

'Eduardo Restrepo's article in Cultural Studies is a forceful study of the continued salience of race, racism and racialization beyond the shift towards multiculturalism in Colombia. Contextually grounded in the cultural politics of that country, and working closely with the ideas of Stuart Hall and others at a more general level, Restrepo analyses media, academic and governmental discourses to challenge any assumption that the ostensible recognition of ethno-cultural difference marks the onset of a post-racial society in Colombia (and possibly elsewhere). It is a cogently developed and politically charged piece, and as such is very worthy of this award.'

Stuart Hall Foundation / Routledge Award selection panel